Syndicat des professionnels de l'animal familier

PRODAF is the only legitimate syndicate that represents pets professionals.

For 40 years, PRODAF has been a key player in the pet industry, creating bridges between enterprises and government bodies. As a representative trade union, PRODAF plays a substantial role in laying down collective agreements for the branch.

The activities of PRODAF are summed up in four verbs :

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To inform

We collect news about our sector and share it through our newsletters (Prodaf Infos and Prodaf News) and our quarterly newspaper.

To represent

PRODAF is the only syndicate registered by the national authorities of the sector, working alongside media, social partners, public administrations and professionals. Government authorities consult us when they draw policies that may have an impact on our sector.
We represent pet professionals when we discuss with public authorities and employers when we lay down collective agreements.

To advocate

PRODAF advocates in the interests of pet professionals by assuring constant legal monitoring and discussing with legal authorities. We provide legal and personalized advices for our members.
PRODAF is also engaged in promoting animal welfare. We cooperate with authorities to improve animal welfare. We launched a Quality Commitment Charter and contributed to the Guide of good practices of professionals

To develop

PRODAF promotes our sector by providing information about training, professional qualifications and jobs.

PRODAF organizes the biggest professionnal fair of the sector, Expozoo.

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What do you want to do ?
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